Rockin’ Eve

Bruce Williams and Samantha Brooks are two young music hopefuls whose worlds collide in New York City. Mentored by Samantha’s superstar sister, Sarah Brooks, at the city’s hottest talent bar, the pair encounter a world of fame for which they are not prepared. Paparazzi, Broadway divas, love interests and rejection challenge them to overcome the barriers of success. A Sarah Brooks Christmas Spectacular will showcase the talent of these up and comers but will also bring a divided group of friends together.

New Year’s ROCKIN’ EVE in Times Square will be a turning point for them all. This show will have you crying, laughing, singing and dancing in your seats. With the incredible vocal talents of Matthew Soper, Krista Norman, Kate Ennis, Amy Anstey, Neil Simmons, Tina Harris, Josh Connors, Robin Candow and Lizzy Close, the hilarious antics of Chris Ensing, the grace of the DanSing Performance Studio Dancers, and a powerful vocal ensemble, you will be wowed by the talent delivered on our local stage. Under the direction of Jane Soper, musical direction of Dave Harris and choreographed by Danieka Leclerc, this show will feature an unbelievable cast of 40 and six-piece band accompanying upbeat pop/rock songs and contemporary Christmas tunes. A must see to kick-start your holiday season.

Dates Times
December 4, 2015 8:00
December 5, 2015 8:00
December 6, 2015 8:00